On May 15, 2019 at the 17th Annual Gala, more than 400 members of the Barrack and general community came together to celebrate our school and its commitment to the land and people of Israel.

On May 15, 2019 at the 17th Annual Gala, more than 400 members of the Barrack and general community came together to celebrate our school and its commitment to the land and people of Israel.

The evening was highlighted by the presentation of The Legacy and Leadership Award to Lynne and Len Barrack ‘60, celebrating and paying tribute to their outstanding and steadfast commitment to Jewish education and Jewish continuity through their personal, philanthropic and leadership endeavors. The highlight of the festivities was a meaningful and heart-warming tribute video from Len and Lynne’s children and grandchildren speaking about the Jewish values and ideals they have learned from their Bubbe and Zayde. Watch the video >

George Gordon, Barrack’s Board Chair, introduced Len and Lynne and presented, on their behalf, a check for $1,500,000 to the school’s scholarship fund, and an additional challenge check for $1,000,000 to the JNF-JBHA Muss Scholarship Fund. When this challenge is met, it will be immediately matched by JNF. These two checks represent a total to-date commitment from Len and Lynne Barrack to the school in excess of $10,000,000.

Kindly consider joining the Muss program challenge. Please contact Alex Stroker, Chief Operating and Development Officer, at 610.922.2322 or via email at for more information.

Lynne and Len Barrack ’60 graciously accepted the award as Len Barrack delivered very moving remarks speaking about the school and about his father and brother who tragically perished in a plane crash. The award and the ongoing commitment were a tribute to their memory. Watch Len’s speech >

The evening included a powerful presentation from our keynote speaker, Malcolm Hoenlein, who addressed the packed ballroom and discussed a growing trend of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel environment in the country, and particularly on college campuses. He called upon the community to continue its diligence and education and to invest in Israel literacy programs as a way to not only counteract the dangerous trends today but also to safeguard and protect our students. Watch Malcolm’s speech >

We are thankful to you, our Barrack community and Lynne and Len Barrack ’60, and our gala sponsors for your enduring generous support. Your commitment to our school and our mission ensures the presence of a robust Jewish leadership succession for generations to come.

Thank you.

George G. Gordon
Board President

Sharon P. Levin
Head of School

Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy 17th Annual Gala

Madlyn & Leonard Abramson

Marcy & Daniel Bacine
Sylvia Binder Blume ’61*
Peggy & Joe Carver ’64*
Debra & Harris Devor
Ellie & Dr. Richard M. Englert
Tracy & George Gordon*
Constance Smukler
Gerald Rodos
Kami & Josh Verne

Michelle & Jeffrey Barrack
Sara & Jeffrey Erlbaum
Lee Ann & Scott Erlbaum*
Ali & Lee Sussman

Caryn* & Jack Becker
Freda Pepper & Howard Bernstein
Nancy & Martin Black
Cecily* & Warren Carel
Laya & Rabbi Gary Charlestein*
Jackie Needleman & David Cohen
Deborah-Jo Essrog & Jay Dorsch*
Judy & Joel Eisner
JoAnne A. Epps
Maureen Pelta & Alan M. Feldman
Arthur M. Feldman*
Judith & Oren Friedman ’89*
Lewis I. Gantman
Lisa Glassner
Marcia* & Scott Glickman
Jodi & Jared Gordon*
Andrea & Richard Gottlieb
Amy Spitofsky & Matt Handel
Rochelle* & Robert Hirsh
Jennifer Sherwood & Philip Hirshman
Abby & David Horowitz
Mindy & Jay Horrow*
Helene & Greg Jaron
Avi Watman Katz ’59* & Alan H. Katz
Anna Kornbrot & Barry M. Klayman*
Rachel & Charles H. Korman ’75*
Linda & Jake Kriger
Yoella Epstein ’01* & Jeremy Kriger ’01
Bryna & Joshua Landes ’80
Naomi Prusky ’76* & Rabbi David Levin
Sharon* & Jonathan Levin
Lori* & Raymond Levin

Michele* & Robert Levin
Francine & Robert Lipstein*
Alyson & Gregory Mandel
Alicia Felton & Sherrill Neff*
Patrick J. O’Connor
Mindy & David Oppenheimer*
Belinda & Steven Raikin
Sherri & Abe Reich
Joyce & Jeff Retig*
Elizabeth & Hershel Richman ’59*
Marci & Russell Robinson
Shari & Stuart Rudoler
Carolyn Saligman*
Lisa* & Bradford Sandler
Sheila & Daniel Segal*
Liz & Bill Shaid
Lori Ferrara Shapiro ’91 & Josh Shapiro ’91
Judi & Steven Shapiro*
Marilyn Kutler* & Ira Silberman
Cindy* & Ben Singer
Cindy Smukler
Abbie Green Snyder ’75*
Jennifer & Michael Stein ’69*
Sandra & Paul Steinfield
Ronit & Howard Treatman*
Jenifer Kiefer Wachs ’89 & Martin Wachs
Rachel Wachs
Margie Perilstein Wargon ’89 & Brian Wargon
Jennifer & Michael Willner
Ellen Holtzman & Joseph Wolfson
Leora & Jonathan Zabusky*

*JBHA Board of Directors

Thanks to our 17th Annual Gala Sponsors

Presenting Sponsors

Madlyn & Leonard Abramson
Lynne & Leonard Barrack ’60
Leonard Becker

Charlestein Family Foundation
Robert Saligman Charitable Foundation
Kami & Josh Verne

Platinum Sponsors

Michele & Robert Levin
Gideon Naim ’82
Sitchin Foundation

Gold Sponsors

Linda & Jake Kriger

Belinda & Steven Raikin

Silver Sponsors

Michelle & Jeffrey Barrack
Sylvia Binder Blume ’61
Tracy & George Gordon

Alicia Felton & Sherrill Neff
Ronit & Howard Treatman
Renee & Joseph Zuritsky

Bronze Sponsors

Steven Collis
Lee Ann & Scott Erlbaum
Jill & Mark Fishman
Mindy & Jay Horrow
Toby Strogatz & Stephen Klein
Rachel & Charles Korman ’75

Bryna & Josh Landes ’80 & Family
Joyce & Jeff Retig
Shari & Stuart Rudoler
Carolyn Saligman
Leah Lande ’89 & Marc Singer

Constance Smukler
Leora & Jonathan Zabusky
Olga & Steve Zelener ’80

Blue Sponsors

Judy & Paul Auerbach
Marcy & Daniel Bacine
Caryn & Jack Becker
Liz & Jeff Berger
Ilene & Steve Berger
Jordana & Benjamin Cooperberg
Ellie & Dr. Richard M. Englert
Judith & Oren Friedman ’89
Marcia & Scott Glickman

Jodi & Jared Gordon
Rachelle & Ronald Kaiserman
Ariele Zandman Klausner ’76
& Steven Klausner ’76
Anna Kornbrot & Barry M. Klayman
Yoella Epstein ’01 & Jeremy Kriger ’01
Arlyn and Bob Landow
Sharon & Jonathan Levin
Naomi Prusky ’76 & Rabbi David Levin
Lori & Raymond Levin

Holly & Norm Nelson
Patrick J. O’Connor
Mindy & David Oppenheimer
Gerald Rodos
Marcia & Ronald Rubin
Lisa and Bradford Sandler
Rachel & Ian Scheinmann
Sheila & Daniel Segal
Marilyn Z. Kutler & Ira Silberman
Daniel Silverberg
Paula & Mark Solomon
David Wachs